This is NOT a 100K house. 

Everything has already been done. There are still a few 100K houses on the market, but they need things. If you 

are a do it yourselfer or have deep pockets to pay a contractor, by all means, buy the 100K home and 

fix it 

up to your liking.

If you want a 100K house, fixer upper, or rehab project ...

Do not buy this house. Everything has already been done.

New Roof - Done last year

Landscaping - Already done.

Interior Finishes - Done and done.

Painting - Done, inside and out.

Sprinkler system - Done.

Appliances - All replaced since 2008.

Wood flooring - Done

Travertine tile - Done

Built-ins - Already done

Architectural details - Done, archways throughout.

New bathroom fixtures - Done

Kitchen Cabinetry - Done, solid wood

Counter tops - Done, custom tile

See what I mean? You can buy the 100K house and bring it up to the level of this house, but you will very 

likely spend 100K doing it. If that's what you like to do, fair enough, just do it. On the other hand if you 

want a house, you can just live in and enjoy -- this type of house may work for you.